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Added 25 February 2004:
My intention is to release a final version of TClockEx, 1.5, before the middle of this year. At the same time or soon after, I will be releasing the source code for developers to play with. Sorry all this has taken so long. Time is a scarce commodity. I have added a PayPal "donations" button to the website so that people who use TClockEx or benefit from its source code may make a donation if they wish.

DenB has studiously created a French translation of TClockex v1.4.2 including the help file and related documentation. Congratulations and thanks to DenB. You may download it from the download page.

Added 14 July 2003:
Added a note about the TClockEx source code which might excite some developers.

Added 2 June 2002:
Added a note about TClockEx running on Windows XP. Before you send email, please read the note.

As is obvious from this news page, there has been no new release of TClockEx for quite some time, over a year in fact. The reason is simply that I have been busy with other projects and activities. I am reasonably happy that TClockEx does pretty much everything I want it to, so there isn't really much need for any further work, except to correct a few display problems related to Windows 2000 and XP. Thank you to everyone who sent email thanking me for TClockEx and making suggestions for improvements. (There are far too many emails for me to respond to every one personally. Sorry!)

Special thanks to everyone who sent me T-shirts, postcards and other goodies. I have tried to reply personally to everyone who did, but it hasn't always been possible because several people forgot to include their own contact details.

Added 16 January 2001:
I am still working on another update for TClockEx, but please don't ask for a release date because there isn't one yet. Due to time constraints I am also only able to answer a fraction of the emails I receive for TClockEx. Please don't take it personally if you send email and don't get a personal response. I presently have an email backlog that numbers in the thousands! Preference is given to matters that are not already dealt with on this website or in the help file.

Added 24 September 2000:
I know about the problem with auto-hide taskbars and WinME/2000. It will be fixed soon.

Added 9 March 2000:
Version 1.4.2 released. This should hopefully fix the "Timeout" error that seems to affect Windows 98 Second Edition and Internet Explorer 5. The complete list of changes is here.

Added 4 March 2000:
Source code for the TCSET.EXE utility (only!) is now available here for people interested in developing third-party applications. This utility is used for setting the values of user-defined display elements.

Added 1 March 2000:
Added an explanation of why it's not such a good idea to try to make your own program do what TClockEx does. If you're a developer and you were about to add clock-modifying code to your project, please read this first.

Added 25 February 2000:
There appears to be a problem with Windows 98 Second Edition and/or Internet Explorer 5. Many people have reported getting a "Timeout" error after upgrading TClockEx, and this seems to be the common link. See the bugs page for more information.

Added 14 February 2000:
Version 1.4.1 released. Oops! I missed one minor bug in the calendar. Since the previous release was only three days ago, I thought I might as well release a fix right away. This is the only change in this version.

Added 11 February 2000:
Version 1.4 released. Yay! This version contains new features, bug-fixes and a whole bunch of improvements. See here for the complete list. Download it from here.

Added 2 February 2000:
I know there is a problem with the Julian date (day-of-year number). You don't need to report it as a bug anymore! See here for details.

Added 10 January 2000:
There has been a sudden increase in the number of reports of a message, "Unable to find the clock", appearing when TClockEx loads. This leads me to suspect that someone has released some new software that conflicts with TClockEx. I already know TraySaver beta 10 does. If you experience this problem, please remember to tell me what new programs you have installed on your computer. It's amazing how many people say to me, "Help, your program stopped working yesterday," and expect me to be able to be able to diagnose the problem from just that.

Added 2 January 2000:
I finally updated the TClockEx home page to use multiple framed pages instead of one long page. The information isn't much different, but it should be a bit easier to navigate.

Added 11 December 1999:
I've repacked TClockEx with a newer version of the Inno Setup installation builder to eliminate false positives that some virus scanners were producing with the older installer. This has resulted in a larger download, but TClockEx itself has not changed (yet).

Added 2 November 1999:
It took long enough to confirm, but it appears that TClockEx interferes with the transition to and from daylight saving time. I have a solution, but it will only be available in the next version. For now, update your time manually, or make sure TClockEx is not running during the transition period. I don't know what effect there is, if any, if your computer is off during the actual transition.

Added 19 October:
I am completely in Email overload! And most of it is not even spam! Thanks very much to everyone who sent their thanks and suggestions, but it is proving almost impossible to answer each message individually. Rest assured that I do personally READ each email that I receive, but if you have not had a response from me yet, then sorry for the silence. I'm not ignoring you. I'm actually a rather friendly person on most days. I value all the emails, but until someone alters the length of the day, I'll answer whatever I can. Thanks for understanding.

Many people send requests or suggestions for new features, so I've added a new section to this page called "Wish List" to discuss these in more detail.

Added 18 May:
Before sending me a question, please check the Frequently Asked Questions in case it has already been answered.

Added 15 Mar:
TClockEx version 1.3.3 released! This is a minor update, mainly to fix a couple of small cosmetic bugs. Also, some features have been enhanced (see here for details of the changes, and here for the download).

Added Feb 25:
I've received many requests for a feature to change the AM/PM indicator to upper or lower case. You can do this already, using the Windows Control Panel. See the FAQ for instructions.

Added Feb 22:
I've realised that the icon for TClockEx is pretty unimaginative. I'm not much of a graphic artist, so if you can do better please send in your offering, and I'll pick one for the next version. I need a 32x32 pixel icon with a maximum of 256 colours, but it must also scale nicely to 16x16 pixels. Windows .ICO format preferred.

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