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Download: tclockex.exe tclockex142_fr.exe
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Release date:9 March 20009 March 200025 February 20044 March 2000

These files are kindly hosted by my former employer.

The Zip distribution is almost identical to the self- installing EXE version, except for the lack of install/uninstall support. This is for the convenience of folks who know what to do with Zip files and want a smaller download. If you don't know what to do with Zip files, please don't ask me: use the self-installing EXE version instead. The (ftp) option enables downloads by ftp protocol instead of the usual http protocol. Try it if you are having trouble downloading using the normal method.

Beginning with version 1.3, I have decided to re-use the same filename for all new versions of TClockEx. This is so that sites linking here will always point to the latest version. Sorry if this complicates things for you.

If you are upgrading, you do not need to remove the old version first, but you must make sure the older version is not running when you upgrade.

TCSET.EXE Source is for the benefit of software developers who want to develop add-ons for TClockEx. If you are not a developer, you don't need this file.

* The French translation of TClockEx including documentation and help file was done by DenB. My sincere appreciation goes to him for all his hard work. Since I can't read French, I am trusting that it is an accurate translation. In the event of a discrepancy, the English version will take precedence.

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