Beginning with version 1.4, TClockEx includes the ability to include user-defined display elements.

A user-defined element appears in any of TClockEx's format strings as an element name surrounded by '%' symbols. For example, the following format string includes a user-defined element named USER, which will be expanded by TClockEx:

Up to sixteen user-defined elements may be defined at any one time. The maximum length of an element name is 8 characters. There is no limit on the length of its value except that the entire string including all expanded display elements cannot exceed 239 characters.

TCSET.EXE is a 32 bit command-line utility program that may be used to set the value of user-defined elements. This utility is included with TClockEx. To find out how to use TCSET.EXE, type the following:

Third Party Applications

Third party applications can interface with TClockEx to set and reset the values of user-defined elements by poking values into TClockEx's DDE server. This is documented in the TClockEx help file.

The source to the TCSET.EXE utility is available and may be downloaded from here. This is a fully functioning demonstration of TClockEx's DDE interface, and it may be used as the basis for third-party applications that wish to interface with TClockEx.

Download TCSET.EXE source

This source code is free and is provided as-is, without any guarantee. Use at your own risk. I may be able to offer assistance if time permits, at my discretion. When I am busy, the person throwing the most money at me gets priority. Since TClockEx is free, that almost always means my employer wins.

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