Platform Notes

Thank you to everyone who emailed to confirm that TClockEx runs correctly on Windows 95, 98 and NT, including international language versions such as Dutch (thanks to Gert Rijs for pointing that out) and Hebrew (thanks to Tal Alon for pointing that out). TClockEx definitely does not work with anything less than Windows 95.

Because of the way TClockEx works, using essentially undocumented operating system features, there can be no guarantee that it will work with future versions of Windows. If Microsoft releases a new version that breaks TClockEx, I'll do my best to fix it, but I can't really guarantee anything. Thanks to Jim Freeman, I have a copy of Windows NT, which proved invaluable for testing and fixing problems that would otherwise have prevented TClockEx from working with NT.

Windows XP

TClockEx works on Windows XP more or less the same as on Windows 2000 and Windows NT. The same restrictions apply to CPU and memory monitoring. If you use the classic (Windows 95) desktop theme, there is little or no difference.

If you use a desktop theme other than Classic, TClockEx's display is not so nice because it does not have a transparency option that would allow the colour scheme of the desktop theme to show through. There is a technical reason for this limitation. I hope one day to be able to work around it. However TClockEx does actually work correctly, except for the display issue. Depending on the theme you choose, you may not even notice the difference.

Did you know if you make the Windows XP task bar double-height, the standard clock panel also shows the date? This is at least an improvement on earlier versions of Windows, but still no customisation. There is still life for TClockEx yet!

Windows 2000

TClockEx works with Windows 2000, except for a display issue involving the taskbar in auto-hide mode, which I am working on to resolve. I have tested it on Windows 2000 release candidate 2 because Microsoft kindly gave me a preview copy. Presumably it also works on the final release version. Apart from that, the same conditions as for Windows NT also apply here.

It's ironically sad that TClockEx is still necessary with Windows 2000. I would have thought that Microsoft would have done something useful with the clock by now. (Note to BG: call me if you're buying!)

Windows NT

TClockEx works with current versions of Windows NT, but with some caveats. The system/GDI resource features don't work because NT doesn't use resources in the same way that Win95/98 did. The CPU usage meter doesn't work because I haven't figured that part out yet.

Windows ME

Same conditions as for Windows 2000, but I haven't personally tested on this platform yet. Does someone want to sponsor a copy of WinME for me?

Windows 95/98

Everything works! This was the original target platform.

Windows CE

TClockEx does not work with Windows CE. I don't know whether it would even be possible to make it work, and I don't have a CE device to test. Sponsorships welcome....

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