About TClockEx

9 March 2000
Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP (special note about XP)

TClockEx enhances the standard Windows taskbar clock, adding the ability to display the date, time and lots of other information in any format you like. TClockEx is highly customizable, from the format to the font and colour, and even the tooltip information. Many people have wondered why this wasn't built into the standard clock to begin with.

I originally wrote TClockEx out of frustration with not being able to see the date easily. Since the first release I have added new features after encouragement and requests from people with similar feelings. I've seen other programs try to address the date issue by putting little windows in the corners of the screen, by changing the title bar of the active window, and so on. Those ideas didn't really appeal to me because they became intrusive and took up valuable screen space, or just got in the way. Some programs even try to use a series of icons in the tray to display the date graphically. Ugh!

TClockEx is my solution to the problem that should never have been. It is not a replacement for the taskbar clock, but is an enhancement because it modifies the appearance of the original clock itself. If you're the curious type, some technical information about how it works is included in the documentation.

I originally intended TClockEx to be a small and simple utility without too many features to get in the way and slow things down. So far I've resisted most temptations, but a few extra goodies have appeared along the way after requests from users or ideas of my own. You can see what my taskbar looks like with TClockEx running at the top of this page.

I hope you find this little offering useful. Please let me know if you do. (It's great for the ego!)

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