Thanks to everyone who has taken the trouble to let me know what they think about TClockEx. I've received tons of email and postcards. We Freeware authors thrive on people's feedback. Your response to the original version of TClockEx is what inspired me to work on the updated versions, otherwise I probably would not have bothered. Please understand if you do not receive a reply from me. The amount of email generated by TClockEx is huge. It is simply impossible for me to reply to every message. I still read your email and I appreciate it all.

If you need help, please read the help file first. Then have a look through this website. Writing help files is probably the single least pleasant part of any project, but I actually put quite a lot of effort into it, trying to include as much information as possible and indexing it nicely so that the information could be found. Most of the questions people ask are already answered either in the help file or on this website. Don't be lazy - I wasn't!

TClockEx is a free product and I have no plans in the forseeable future to change that. (Obviously, since if I could foresee what would happen in the unforseeable future, then it wouldn't be unforseeable.) But it is also very much a free-time development project for me. That means I have to give priority to the jobs that pay the phone bill. Thanks for your patience.

Send email to

If you want to show your appreciation with something that won't fit in an email, here's the address:

Dale Nurden
14 Willow Crescent
Pinetown 3610
South Africa

Please mark it as a gift, otherwise I have to pay duties and taxes.

Please don't send money. Some kind people have already done this (for which I am most grateful), but as much as I would love to have it, my bank loves it even more and skims off most of it in service charges and exchange fees. For example, a $10 cheque costs me more to cash than its face value. Really! If you feel compelled to send something, rather send a gift with an appropriate value. T-shirts (X-large size) are my favourite. There is no obligation, but since some people in the past have insisted on sending something, this is my practical suggestion.

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