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Dale's UK Adventure I am presently enjoying a working holiday in the United Kingdom.
You can follow me on my UK Adventure.
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  • TClockEx - An enhancement for the taskbar clock. Finally Windows has a useful clock, and it can also show the date! (Now with French translation.)
  • Norton Commander fix for Windows XP SP2 - (New: 26-11-2004) A patch that enables Norton Commander for Windows to work better with Windows XP Service Pack 2.
  • Notebook Keyboard Hook - (Updated: 18-02-2004) Remaps some keys on a notebook computer keyboard that doesn't have dedicated Home and End keys.
  • ShutDown98 - Enforces a default shutdown option for Windows 98 (and later) instead of remembering the previous choice.
  • Old Stuff - Includes Monitor Off and Netscape Splash Screen Removal.

Information Resources

  • How to create a PDF file - PDF files are convenient for distributing documents that can be viewed and printed on different operating systems. Here's how to create one without buying any expensive software.
  • GSM Tricks - Quickly divert your GSM cellphone to voice mail by pressing one button.

Other Fun and Exciting Things


Thanks for stopping by. This is my little home on the great big internet. A repository of programs I've written over the years and information resources I've gathered along the way. I hope you find it useful and entertaining.

Most of my programs are Freeware, and some are accompanied by source code. Why do I do this? Well, two reasons. Firstly, I've benefitted from other people's work which they have been nice enough to give away, so I figure it's only right to give something back to the world community. And the second reason is that I don't have the time or the inclination to go chasing people all over the world to collect a few grubby cents from them. So since I'd probably not see the money anyway, I might as well spare people from the guilt of using unregistered shareware. Aren't I nice?

Apparently some people are interested in who I am. So in the interest of world peace here are a few sketchy details... My name is Dale Nurden, as you might have gathered by now, and I am from South Africa. South Africa is a really great country. If you haven't visited it yet, you really should. I'm at least 31 years old, but that figure changes annually. I've spent almost all of them in Pinetown, South Africa with my folks and two brothers. If you're looking on a map, look for Durban first, then go left a bit. If you are into precision guided weapons, my GPS tells me that a shot at S29 49.453 E30 52.548 will pretty much wipe me out, but please don't. I'd hate to have to redecorate again.

I'm a computer programmer with a background in electronic engineering. I used to be a volunteer engineer at Highway Radio, a Christian community radio station, until I came over to the UK to seek my fortune. If you happen to be a Highway Radio listener, I'm the guy at the other end of the dangling toes.

Right now I'm on a working holiday in the UK. More holiday than work so far. Thanks to TClockEx I have a fantastic collection of T-shirts from around the world, so now I'm trying to visit a few of those places.


How to contact Dale Nurden:

Note: Some of my older email addresses have closed. This is the best one to use.