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Notebook Keyboard Hook

Platform: WinXP, and probably others back to Win95
Version: 1.11 (18-02-2004)
Status: Free
Uninstall: Yes
Support: Unsupported


 nbkh112.exe - 324,799 bytes
Source: C source included

NBKHook is intended for notebook computers that do not have dedicated Home and End keys, forcing you to use both hands to hold down two keys to get a Home or End action. This applies to Fujitsu-Siemens notebooks and possibly some others.

Instead of pressing Fn+PgUp or Fn+PgDn to get Home or End, NBKHook enables you to use Menu+PgUp or Menu+PgDn. Since Fn is on the left hand side of the keyboard and PgUp, PgDn and Menu are all on the right, this means you can generate Home or End with one hand.

If you are using a fullsize keyboard, or if your notebook has a keyboard arrangement that includes dedicated Home and End keys, you do not need to use NBKHook. If your notebook uses a different key combination, NBKHook is not going to help you. But the included source code might if you know what to do with it.

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