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Platform: Win98, WinME, Win95 with IE4
Status: Free
Uninstall: Yes
Support: None (read the docs in the .INF file)


 shutdown.inf (2,720 bytes)

Forces the default shutdown option in Windows 98 to "Shut Down", instead of remembering the previous shutdown option. This is the same behaviour as Windows 95 had, which is also the way I prefer it. This is not an executable program, just an .INF script that resets the flag which Windows uses to remember the previous shutdown option. If you prefer a different default option, such as "Standby" or "Restart", there are instructions in the .INF file that show how to change it. Use Notepad to edit the file.

To install, download the file then right-click on it and choose "Install" from the menu. It copies itself into the C:\WINDOWS\INF directory so you can delete the file afterwards. To remove, use Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

This probably doesn't work with Windows NT/2000/XP. Their shutdown options are completely different.

Windows 95 normally defaults to the "shut down" option by itself, making this utility unnecessary, but if you have installed Internet Explorer 4 with the desktop enhancements, it may then behave like Windows 98 in which case ShutDown98 will work as intended.