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Monitor Off

Version: 1.00
Platform: Win9x, maybe others
Status: Freeware
Support: None
Source: C source included


 monoff10.exe (290,180 bytes - has install/uninstall support)
 monoff10.zip (29,781 bytes - no install/uninstall)

A simple program that switches the monitor into power saving mode if possible. Creates an icon on the desktop that can be used to immediately switch to power saving mode. Includes a feature to enable the program only during certain hours of the day, which enables this program in conjunction with the Windows Startup menu to switch the computer into power saving mode automatically when it starts up, but only during certain hours of the day.

This program is supplied "as-is", and you use it at your own risk. I am not able to provide technical support due to time constraints.

Important Note:
Some people have reported that their computer does not re-awaken after going into suspend mode, and that they are then forced to reboot. If this happens to you, try changing your computer's power settings so that it does not go into suspend mode. If that still doesn't help, then I'm afraid this program is not suitable for your computer and you should stop using it. (The program, that is, not the computer.)