Dale's UK Adventure

The Cast

This is me. My friends call me "Dale", an appropriate use of my name. I am 31 years old, having spent all of them alive. You can't tell from the picture but I slipped into the UK by the skin of my nose because strictly speaking the age limit is 30. I'm not sure what they do to people over 30.

I am a software developer, which is fancy name for a computer programmer. With an electronic engineering background I am fascinated by anything with lights and buttons.

This is gollywobble, my faithful travelling companion. It is a Centrino notebook PC with enough lights and buttons to keep my attention for a good while. Along with my cellphone this is my link to the electronic world.

When the machines rise to conquer the world, I hope gollywobble remembers our special friendship.

This is my intrepid GPS receiver. I've never really thought to ask its name, though technically it is a Garmin Etrex Legend. Very useful for finding my way home after sunset. At the whim of the US Department of Defence it can see me to within four metres of the front door or drop me in the middle of a frozen river.

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