Awards & Links

These fine shareware and/or freeware sites list TClockEx in their archives. is first because they were nice enough to give TClockEx the prestigious Winner 98 award, one of nine chosen. The others are in no particular order. Some of these links are quite old and may not exist any more.

Visit Now!, your source of Freebies on the WWW DOWNLOAD.COM Downlinx The Free Site! click here for Completely Free Software Give me FREEWARE FOREVER! Nonags Lockergnome The Freeware Publishing Site TClockEx is the Cream of the Crop! FreewareWeb

Also in that list, though lacking a pretty button for now, is ZDNet, which has given me nice reviews and lots of referrals.

There are a few other sites on which TClockEx is listed, which didn't provide nice link buttons or very clear linking instructions, so they lose out. Sorry. If you run a freeware/shareware site of your own, I'm very happy to have TClockEx (or any of my other programs) listed on it, but please don't ask me to fill out submission forms myself. I receive numerous requests but I just don't have the time.

Shameless plug: If you're also a software author and you're looking for a setup builder for your product, try Jordan Russell's excellent Inno Setup. It's entirely free (just like TClockEx) even for commercial distributions, and builds installations with only a fraction of the overhead that other expensive installers drag along.

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